Our Curriculum

At Beginners Kollege , we know each child is unique. We strive to provide a nurturing, loving, and creative environment for children. We are sensitive to their social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs. We provide developmentally appropriate programs that focus on the process of learning while also helping them to enjoy many other successful experiences. We encourage not just learning, but also the love of learning.

At Beginners Kollege, we view early learning as a process requiring a balance of child-initiated and staff-initiated activities. We support learning in a play-based, developmentally appropriate environment that incorporates a variety of experiences.

We offer a range of learning materials, a positive environment and activities that are appropriate to children’s individual developmental needs and group skills as well. Our Educational Learning Curriculum focuses on Math, Science, Language Arts, instruction of French, Music, Arts and Crafts, Practical Life and Sensory Development. 

We also implement music and movement, yoga, dance and Zumba for physical exercise.

We believe learning to read and write doesn't start in kindergarten or first grade. Language and literacy skills begin at birth and develop daily. We provide story time, printing time and activities to develop their literacy and pre-writing.

Our curriculum is based on sound educational philosophy and theory as well as practice.