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Our Curriculum

        At beginner’s kollege, we view early learning as a process requiring balance of child-initiated and staff-initiated activities. We support learning play-based, developmentally appropriate environment that incorporates a variety of experiences. wepromote the importance of play for children to experience the world through seeing, feeling, touching, listening, and by engaging with people, materials, places, species, and ideas through outside play and free play time. We provide different kinds of materials to help improve the 7 developmental domains. We offer a range of learning materials a positive environment and activities that are appropriate to children’s individual developmental needs and group skills. Our Educational Learning Curriculum focuses on Math, Science, Language Arts, Music, Arts and Crafts, Practical Life and Sensory Development. We also implement music and movement, yoga, dance and Zumba for physical exercise. We believe learning to read and write doesn’t start in kindergarten or first grade. Language and literacy skills begin at birth and develop daily. We provide story time, printing time and activities to develop their literacy and pre-writing. Our curriculum is based on sound educational philosophy and theory as well as practice. We fully understand every child’s uniqueness and capability we do everything in our power to ensure every child can learn and participate to their best ability. We engage and communicate with families in seeking support when needed. we offer fieldtrips to the local communities such as grocery stores to learn nutrition, firehall, mail office, the local gym, library, dentist office, earth day, waterpark, picking fruit at the berry farm. Pumpkin patch and corn maze. we take a walk to the local field, park and forest every day so the children have a chance to connect with their local environment. we understand that elders can be central to early learning program and their knowledge of cultural traditions and language can be of great benefit to the children, families, educators, and community. We involve the parents as much as we can when it comes to learning for example, we have had parents come in to talk about their job or their culture. We also have 2 events every year Christmas concert and graduation party. We ask families to come support. Even during COVID-19 we still doing the same events but on zoom like graduation party and Christmas party. We invited the parents and grandparents to watch and support on zoom. we also did zoom with Santa. 

We believe well-being and belonging is very important in our childcare setting. Also, we believe relationships are the factor for well-being and learning. We work within a pedagogy of listening which basically means welcoming and being open to differences, living and learning alongside families and children and even with our coworkers. Strong relationships are nourished through time, care, respect, and understanding. In order for children to learn to their full extent they need a good connection with their teachers. We spend time with the children as much as we can in free play and outdoor play, help when they ask for assistance. we care about the children in every way their safety, wellbeing, that they are nourished and loved through the day at the centre. We respect the children’s emotions, words, and feelings. We are understanding of every child’s situation and diversities. We also include the diversities of different families with books about different families such as single parent, 2 parents led household and cultures, adoptive, stepfamilies etc. We also provide different toys and books for cultural diversity. We include learning about the indigenous and the three distinct groups in our curriculum, we have different materials we provide for the children including books, matching games, toys, puppets, puzzles. We also include different activities like art projects, and we teach children at circle time about their history and culture. 

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